Strategies to Increase Your Social Media Followers from Scratch

The number of followers is one of the most direct and easy-to-see metrics in social media. It represents the individual’s interest in a profile’s content to receive updates directly in their feed. For beginners, these metrics can be useful to create more visibility for posts and campaigns. Having a lot of followers makes profiles trustworthy for individuals and brands. 

Establishing Yourself 

Building a foundation for your online presence is the first step to increasing your social media following. It includes outlining a reason to exist, establishing an attractive profile in, and ensuring consistency on different social media platforms.


Determine a clear purpose for what you expect in social media before posting. This information will direct your content and engagement strategies so that every move you take will align with your goals.

Strong Profile

The profile picture is the first visual that the audience will see when they click on a profile. Use a profile image that showcases viewers who you are and what your brand is about. 

Create a brief, clear bio to make followers understand what they can expect from your page. Your username should be in the form of a phrase to reach your target demographic and to increase search rankings. 

Consistency is Key

Maintaining uniformity in your profile throughout various social media platforms helps in building a reputed brand for businesses. Keep the same handle, photo, and similar bio information across all platforms. 

It helps to create brand recognition and makes it easier for people to reach you on platforms. Posting regularly and maintaining a consistent style will help you to keep your audience interested in the long run.


Managing follower growth includes a combination of quality content and follow-up aggressive engagement. Your content should be focused and provide value to your followers. 

Responding to followers, joining conversations in the community feed, and doing cross-promoted campaigns on the platforms increase the follower base. Having a real follower count will engage more with your content and share with their networks.


Your voice is your unique way of communicating with your audience. It includes funny, motivational, informational, and a mix of different tones. 

Finding your voice is about discovering how you want to express yourself and how you want your audience to approach you. Try different styles and see which tone received more approach from the audience side. 

Creating Value

Every piece of content you share should provide value to your followers. Value can be provided in many forms. It could be entertaining, informative, and inspirational that meet the needs and preferences of your audience. 

Ask yourself what your audience gains from following you and customize your content to meet those needs. Providing value is essential to create loyal and engaged followers.

Maintaining a Posting Schedule

Consistency in posting keeps your audience engaged and makes them come back for more. Develop a content timetable to plan and schedule your posts in advance. 

It helps to maintain a steady flow of content and ensures that you are consistently engaging with your audience. Balance your content mix and avoid overloading your followers with many posts and going silent for long periods.

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